The goal of is to create more transparency in the Swiss real estate market. By using modern data engineering and machine learning algorithms, aims to help buyers, sellers and investors to make the right decision.
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Who is intended for?

Real estate buyers and real estate sellers

Do you want to sell a property and do you want to get an initial estimate of the selling price? Are you planning to buy a specific real estate and you want to find out if the offered price is fair? Then is the right one for you. predicts the purchase price for you based on the latest market data. The error of assessment is less than 10%.

Tenants and landlords

Do you own a residential property that you want to rent and would you like to find out at what price you should offer your property? Or do you plan to rent a specific residential property and want to know if the offered rental price is justified? can be of great help to you. Based on the current market prices, can calculate a first estimate of the rental price for you.


Would you like to invest in the Swiss real estate market and want to find out the properties with the highest rental yield? Enter the criteria of the desired property and let calculate the rental yield for you.